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Sterling Silver Charm Categories

Click on Picture to See More Charms for Each Category

20x5mm Empire State Building Sterling Charm
America, Travel
& State Charms

10x140mm Black Bear Sterling Charm
Animal Charms

Yellow Awareness Sterling Charm
Awareness Ribbon Charms

15x12mm Pacifier Sterling Charm
Baby & Kids Charms

20x12mm Crab Sterling Charm
Beach & Sea Charms

TVT7 34x30mm Sterling Charm
Birds & Bug Charms

15x8mm Comedy-Tragedy Sterling Charm
Comedy & Fantasy Charms

30x18mm Cross Sterling Charm
Cross Charms

25x10mm Tomahawk Sterling Charm
Culture Charms

20x15mm I Love to Dance Sterling Charm
Dance Charms

20x10mm "Best Friends" Sterling Charm
Family & Friends Charms

17x12mm Clutch Purse Sterling Charm
Fashion Charms

10x10mm Heart with Rose Sterling Charm
Heart Charms

15x15mm House Sold Sign Sterling Charm
Home & Gardening Charms

13x17mm Small Clydesdale Sterling Charm
Horse Charms

5x5mm Pair of Dice Sterling Charm
Miscellaneous Charms

20x15mm Saxophone Sterling Charm
Music Charms

18x15mm Pharmaceutical Sterling Charm
Professional Charms

12x10mm Holy Bible Open Sterling Charm
Religious Charms

13x29mm Basketball Mom Sterling Charm

Sport Charms

20x8mm Racecar #24 Sterling Charm
Transportation /
Vehicle Charms

20x10mm Witch Sterling Charm
Halloween Charms

13x12mm Sleigh Sterling Charm
Christmas Charms


Charms have been around for as long as humans have. Charms and pendants have not only been worn as decorative objects and for luck, but have also been worn as amulets to ward off evil spirits. Charms are also worn out of fascination of objects, symbols and superstition. Locket charms have been used to carry around ones’ own belief of religious verses, sayings or even a piece of an object, that holds special memory, like hair, tooth or even a piece of clothing. Fascination with charms dates back to the Egyptians, where archaeologists found evidence of Pharaohs being buried with elaborate gold and silver jewelry and also jewelry embedded with precious and rare stones. Today charms are worn on charm bracelets and charm necklaces, making a fashion statement by all classes. From travel charms to sports charms to animal charms – the charm choices are endless. What charms do you like?  Get your favorite charms and mix them up on a charm bracelet to tell your personal story!


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